Industry Training for Adults & Late Teens

We offer professionally developed stage acting and screen acting courses for adults of all ages and levels of experience, as well as classes for sensible 15-17 year olds. And if it is musical training you are after, Adults and Late Teens share a very exciting musical theatre class on Monday Nights, one of the highlights of our showcases.

Our Senior Company courses have their own exciting show weekends for Half Year and End of Year, so that they can be challenged with a variety of themes and genres, separate to the younger members of the studios. This is a wonderful opportunity to put the skills they have learnt into practice, as they perform plays, musical theatre performances, and have their films screened.

If you are keen to meet new people who love theatre and film, learn valuable skills to assist you in confidence and/or a professional acting career, these courses are taught to a high level that is challenging but adaptable to your individual experience. And they are a whole lot of fun! Our adults also have the occasional social outings together to plays or cinema events, and are a close-knit, passionate group of actors. Give us a call to join us for 2019!

Professional Theatre Performance (Mondays – 6pm: 15-17 Years / 8pm: Adults)
This course trains actors in a variety of practical stage techniques, such as Meisner, Method, Stanislavski, Practical Aesthetics, Improv, and Physical Theatre. Genre studies, characterisation, theatre blocking, and movement skills are all taught. This class performs two plays each year, so depending on chosen texts, students may take on more intensive study in certain areas such as Comedy, Shakespeare, Period Pieces, Contemporary Theatre, etc. This is a wonderful course to train actors in a wide range of skills, in a supportive, challenging environment!

Professional Screen Performance (Thursdays – 7pm: 15-17 Years / 8pm: Adults)
Acting for the film and television industries is very different to theatre performance. We teach students to create natural, believable characters, and to understand all aspects of performing in a film or television studio, or on location. Students create their own short films of different genres, working with our film crew and professional equipment.

Musical Theatre (Mondays – 6pm: Combined 15-17 Years & Adults Class)
This colourful, exciting musical theatre course combines learning vocal and movement skills, with choreographing and rehearsing highlights from some of great musical productions. Musicals are vibrant and energetic, and a wonderful way to challenge performers. They are also an absolute blast, and we can’t wait to share in some great new experiences in 2019!

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