Exciting Courses For 11-14 Year Olds

We offer three fun and challenging acting courses for 11 to 14 year olds – Acting for the Stage, Musical Theatre, and Acting for the Screen. 14 year olds may also join our senior company’s Production class, if filmmaking, photography and stage crew skills are of interest to them.

Acting for the Stage teaches all of the vital fundamentals for theatre actors. These include training in important technique such as Stanislavski, Method Acting, and Practical Aesthetics, voice work, blocking, script analysis, movement and improvisation, comedy skills, Shakespeare, accents and more. Students learn discipline and teamwork, creating two challenging one act plays each year.

Musical Theatre is one for all of those performers who can’t get enough of the excitement and energy of musical productions. This course teaches great skills in acting, singing and musical choreography, with two colourful, high energy musical productions to work towards each year!

Acting for the Screen teaches a range of vital technique for those interested in the world of film and television performance. Students learn on-set terms and ettiquite, create films and scenes in a variety of genres, study in depth character and emotion techniques, and learn to work as a young professional in this exciting business!

Production gives sensible students (from 14 years) the opportunity to take part in exciting practical film / TV/ photography / stage crew lessons such as pre-production planning, on-set film shoots, photographic challenges, editing, foley creation, working backstage on theatre productions and more! Students learn the various roles in being a member of a crew, and get experience using professional equipment.

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